Monday, August 23, 2010

Vampires: Black Coach now with 100% More Flying!!

A cowardly Bretonnian peasant deserts his Lord and keeper. Night falls as he stumbles along the road alone (use your imagination on this one, cameras work better with lots of light...).

Suddenly, he hears the braying of horses, but not the familiar clip-clopping of hooves. Terrified, he raises his longbow, and looses an arrow at a ghastly vision in front of him.

...but he already knows....

...that his arrows will not save him....

...let this be a lesson to peasants who stray from their Lords.

How could I not write a little fluff for the awesomeness of a flying ethereal Black Coach. I might have to paint this one...


  1. I learned a lot from assembling the flight stands of my Pegasus Knights. This one worked without a hitch, and the chariot base is so stable compared to a 40mm!