Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A hearty goodbye to "The Boar's Head Inn," welcome to Round Square!

Haven't posted in awhile, and truth be told I haven't had the desire to. My waining desire to post wasn't because of a decline in hobby. On the contrary, my hobby has developed beyond "The Boar's Head Inn", and I am happy to say I am expanding!

The honest truth is that I don't just have a Bretonnian Army, and I am little bit of a "Magpie Gamer" (credit to the guys over at the D6G for that term). I own board games, video games, and a significant amount of models for 4 different armies across two miniature gaming systems. In fact, it's all a little overwhelming sometimes and definitely less efficient than more focused hobbyists.

I've gone through my first year of miniature wargaming, and I'm looking forward to the second! Instead of my previous whimsical posting habits I thought I might get back into the habit of writing articles. Here's a laundry list of topics that have been on my mind for awhile:

1. Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition: My Observations.
2. 40k and Fantasy - Say no to shapecism!
3. The Bretonnian Army in 8th Edition WHFB.
4. Book Review: "The Saint" by Dan Abnett.
5. Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle: No I haven't played...but I might.
6. Battle Chronicler: Can I actually make a full battle report?
7. Painting Chronicles: Steam Tank.
8. Painting Chronicles: Greatswords.
9. Thank You Podcasters!
10.The Importance of the Alpha-Gamer.

Let's see how far I deviate from this list in the coming months!

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