Sunday, May 26, 2013

Work in Progress: Vampire Counts Mortis Engine (Part 2)

A bit more progress on my Mortis engine! Still need to do a lot of detail work.

Punch in on the throne bit.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Work in Progress: Vampire Counts Mortis Engine

Still have a ton of work to do, but I'm happy where this is going!

1. Assembly. I was pretty surprised at how well this kit went together. Feels like this kit really takes advantage of kits in CAD... There's a lot going on here. Honestly I'm not even sure if I'll field the Mortis Engine, it's just a neat kit. I've started using wall spackling paste for big bases, adds some texture and goes on very easily.

2. After some experimentation with the Black Coach, I found out that you get this neat visibly gritty texture if you prime black, then while still wet prime white from your chosen highlight direction. This helps add a bit of randomization to the texture for the next step.

3. Wash! Two coats of Games Worshop's Coelia Greenshade.

4. A mixture of airbrushing and drybrushing on Games Workshop's Hawk Turquoise. Also I did a quick and dirty pass of cheap acrylic brown on the base, no sense of using good paint here as it will be covered by flock.

5. Dead Grass flock on the base.

6. Primed the Chariot bit black.

7. Airbrushed Vallejo's Model Air Gold. Very happy with their metallic paint line, gold over black never looked so good! You've really got to shake these bottles up before use though. Make sure to drop an object in the bottle to use as an agitator.

8. Airbrushed Vallejo's Game Color Livery Green at 20PSI onto the reliquary. I didn't really plan to do this, but it seems to be working out against the gold. I'm pretty sure I rushed this step for layering and details, there's some detail work that could be done on the reliquary if I wanted to... probably just get lost once the gate bit is added though.

9. Just a closer image of the reliquary. Definitely going to need to attempt some OSL to blend the Spririt Horde with the chariot bit. I've kept the chariot bit detached to do detail work.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vampire Counts: Black Coach

Long time no post. I've been a terrible blogger, but this time I have the best of excuses. Earlier this year my partners and I began a new business. Business is good; however I haven't had much time to paint. This weekend I took some time to work on an idea I have had brewing for about three years now.

I've always wanted to show a Black Coach transitioning from its corporeal to its incorporeal form. I finished this guy in about 5-6 hrs over two days, most on the first with polish on the second day. He's mostly done, I might do some touch ups a bit later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WAAAGHshington Greenskins - Victorious!

Terrible about any upkeep on the blog, but THIS YEAR, this year will be the year of miniature wargaming I've always wanted it to be, and some such new years resolution nonsense. I have several projects that need blog posts and pics up.

At any rate, here's an excuse to post up that I won our Fantasy Handegg (read: Football if your are from the US of A) league! Fantasy Football on mind you. I still have yet to play a non-digitized version of Bloodbowl.

This was the year for the WAAAGHshinton Greekskins! A damned unlikely event since my record was 7-7 going into playoffs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Painting Peg Boards

Twenty dollars and an hour of work result in a pretty nice painting tool. Boards equipped with removable pegs for painting individual models.

3 - 1" diameter 4' long dowel rod
1 - 2" x 6" x 10' board (inexpensive $6)

1. Cut the dowel rod down to 6" lengths.

2. Drill 1" holes for desired spacing between rods. I recommend staggering them to take advantage of width of the boards.

3. The two in the pictures are going to be used for priming but I will be making a larger one with smaller spacing tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Terrain: Wheat fields on the Cheap!


Any standard hobby knife or box cutter.


A Ruler


Cheap brown acrylic paint.


Cheap Wheat Field(s)

August Painting Challenge - Giant!!

So the August challenge is well under way. Challenge issued was a medium-large model with a minimum of a 40mm base. I had a primed giant ready to go...

...and I had wanted to try to airbrush flesh tones on, here is how it is turning out so far:

Airbrushing flesh tones... cheating. Remember my O&G Army has snow bases - I'm going for a pale snow giant look:

July Painting Challenge - Imperial Guard Commissar

Long time no post! My buddy Korwen, who has yet to post on this blog though he is a collaborator, has started our gaming group on a monthly challenge. We started with a single small model. I chose a Commissar to get warmed up.

The challenge is a great way to drive getting some painting done. I had a great time participating with the other 5 folks! Enough chatter, here is my submission for July:

Friday, June 29, 2012

Khador Juggernaut - In Progress

Some pics of my Khadorian Juggernaut I was working on last night! I'm really going for a dirty look here - sooty, grimy metal. Needs more though, and I have broken out the weathering pigments.