Sunday, August 5, 2012

Terrain: Wheat fields on the Cheap!


Any standard hobby knife or box cutter.


A Ruler


Cheap brown acrylic paint.


Cheap Wheat Field(s)

August Painting Challenge - Giant!!

So the August challenge is well under way. Challenge issued was a medium-large model with a minimum of a 40mm base. I had a primed giant ready to go...

...and I had wanted to try to airbrush flesh tones on, here is how it is turning out so far:

Airbrushing flesh tones... cheating. Remember my O&G Army has snow bases - I'm going for a pale snow giant look:

July Painting Challenge - Imperial Guard Commissar

Long time no post! My buddy Korwen, who has yet to post on this blog though he is a collaborator, has started our gaming group on a monthly challenge. We started with a single small model. I chose a Commissar to get warmed up.

The challenge is a great way to drive getting some painting done. I had a great time participating with the other 5 folks! Enough chatter, here is my submission for July: