Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Paladin BSB!

Paladin BSB again!

Inferior Peasant Bowmen!

A peasant battle line complete with stakes!

The guy in the middle looks meaner than he is, maybe because he expects to be dead very soon.

Everything is Upsidedown

Well I haven't posted in awhile, but it is about time. The one constant in my life these days is my dedication to the Warhammer hobby. I'm getting to be a pretty good painter (and I've finally going to prove it by publishing some pics in the next post. My games are tight, and I'm not making as many silly mistakes. Since my last post I've played several games and won over half. I'm even hoping to play tomorrow night against the dreaded VC. My last game didn't go so well, I had no idea what I was doing though. This time should be different.

My beautiful girlfriend gave me terrain for my birthday! Can you believe it? To be honest I thought she hated this hobby. She gave me a Citadel Battlemat, Modular Hill Set and a Forrest! All of the priciest GW terrain! Unbelievable, I've already painted most of it and am looking forward to putting it to use. I've even got a proper table set up in our second bedroom. She's really fantastic and puts up with probably more than I deserve. Anyway... another subject entirely.

So I've been promising battle reports using Battle Chronicler but I just haven't had the time. To add insult to injury I was laid off from my job not to long ago. I've now joined the millions of Americans on unemployment. Which kudos to the Texas Workforce Commission, their process is relatively pain free. Ok Pics in the next post!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Memoriam

I'd like to mention that today I found out that a family friend was killed while deployed in Afghanistan. Sometimes we forget that there are still soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. That they are the sons and daughters of friends and family. My thoughts are with his family tonight. His mother was my school teacher in Kindergarten and 1st Grade, and I find it brutally unfair that having lost her husband some years ago to cancer, she has now lost her only son. I hope that some joy comes to that family. I read that his wife was expecting.

Rest in Peace J.M. 1979-2009

It was Legendary.

Or was it? The idea was great. A combined 5000 points of Bretonnian and Dwarven might pitched against the likes of foul Ogres, Orcs and Goblins? Six by Eight feet of terrain with a castle in the middle. Objectives on either side of the map and one in the ruins of the old castle. After an hour of pre-game talk, terrain selection, and hidden deployment we started the first turn. Personally I remember getting the charges I needed, fluffing a lot of rolls, and arguing about the rules.

Let me say it plainly in the longest run-on sentence I have ever written. I couldn't be more turned off by rules arguing, and if it is that important to you, shut your gob, sit down, pull out a book, read the paragraph with the rule in question, think about it, read it again (aloud this time to your opponent), and if your opponent continues to vehemently disagree take a five minute break or roll a dice. Most importantly compose yourself. A few unproductive responses:

"That's not the way I have played it." - Obviously.

"That's Bull****." - Colorful, and duly noted.

"I don't care." - You do, and that's OK.

"No one else plays this way" - Can we just look it up?

"I was going to lose anyway." - Why do you even play this game?

"I play more than you." - A veteran and a scholar general showing true maturity.

Honestly, what's the point? Isn't part of this game the fun of tactics and strategy? Why not discuss the rules that govern the world this game is set in, instead of mudslinging haphazardly at your opponent?

In short, these people teach me to better respect my opponents, to consider their views, and appreciate the challenge of Warhammer. After all, it is a game and in the end is only as fun as the people you play it with.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shadestar Woes

I didn't think there was an army I would face that would make me reconsider this whole Warhammer thing. Today I played my friends "Shadestar" Dark Elf list. What a huge waste of time. I'd like to not be negative about this, but in my very limited experience this list was a game breaker.

Every turn saw 100 crossbow bolts screaming at my Knights with Armor Piercing BS4 accuracy. The first volley of 50 (there were two Shade units) created over twenty wounds, of which I saved 15ish then fluffed the Ward Saves on the rest. Fifteen armor saves and half of my Errant Knights dead. Next volley... similar results. Bottom of turn 1. That's when I thought to myself, I don't really want to play any more. I was facing an impossible enemy. Ever see the ending of The Last Samurai? No it isn't my favorite movie, but I am a sucker for all epic movies. My BSB and the Gallant of my Knights of the Realm were the last of 17 other Knights (including my Paladin General) that made it across the board. They spurred their horses and charged wild eyed and death-seeking at a group of spearmen. The spearmen fled... cowards. My brother, who happens to be hanging out this Sunday evening just gave me a golf-clap for the small narrative I just wrote.

In better news I managed make serious progress on my BSB, who in my eyes was a hero against those cowardly Dark Elves. His banner is now green, blue and gold. I'm going for a "Cult of the Green Knight" thing. After some highlighting I'll tackle his armor and then horse. I raised his mount up on some stone made of cork, which turned out rather well. One day I'll figure out how to post some pictures on this thing.

The hobby goes strong, and my friend pledged never to bring that army. I told him he could, but I'm bringing the Green Knight.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st Encounter with Dark Elves

Game 12 came and went.

One of the guys that I roped into this hobby recently made a rather large purchases of Dark Elves models. The least I'll say is that he should be good for near the duration of the hobby when it comes to Dark Elf models. My girlfriend was surprised that he had spent so much on the hobby and yet hadn't touched the game. Her comment gave me a little pause. For us the hobby is just as important as the game, if not more so. I love learning new paint techniques, painting and cutting models from a fresh sprue. The time spent on my models directly impacts my attachment to my army when playing a match. There is some sentiment, and I can't help but think during a game, those are my knights, and I don't want them losing to some druchii witch.

So Game 12 was set at 1500 points, and I was excited to see how the knights of Bretonnia would fare against Dark Elf raider scum. Watching my friend played I remembered my first game. I didn't know what the hell was going on, and attempted to develop tactics centered around where terrain was located. As a new player I was overly cautious against shooting and magic. 3d6 potential wounds from a spell or a volley from 12 archers seems much more devastating before the dice are rolled, especially for a new player. My friend seemed to follow in my shoes when it came to maneuvering around terrain. By turn 2 his Sorceress, War Hydra, and unit of Black Guard were entrenched around or within a forest, while my Pegasus Knights and Yeoman flew/moved circles around his units. Meanwhile my Knights were shaping up to crush his left flank while my Peasant Bowmen and Trebuchet were trying to earn their points. We were trying to play a quick match and made several mistakes along the way (remember Rank Bonus!!!). All in all it was a good learning experience, and we are hoping to play this Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, my brother is headed into town before he disappears for his senior year of college and he is bringing his Woodelves. I'm hoping tomorrow will see a lot of painting and a couple matches - a full day of Warhammer!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching Up

I've played the following matches since beginning Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

1. Versus Orcs and Goblins at 500 points.
2. Versus Dwarves (Slayers) at 500 points.
3. Versus Warriors of Chaos at 1000 points.
4. Versus Warriors of Chaos at 1250 points.
5. Versus Dwarves at 1250 points.
6. Versus Vampire Counts at 1250 points.
7. Versus Ogres at 1250 points.
8. Versus Ogres at 1250 points.
9. Versus Warriors of Chaos (Trolls) at 1250 points.
10. Versus Skaven 2250 points.
11. Versus High Elves at 2250 points.

For game 12 I plan to write up a full battle report. Over these past games I have learned a lot, but still find myself scrambling to look up rules, stat lines etc. The group I play with is helpful, and thankfully have a little patience with someone new to the game.

Though I have played two 2250 point games I have yet to finish a 2250 point match. Continuing playing larger games to get my turn time down to 10 minutes or so is the plan.

More have come into the fold, one of my best friends has picked up a massive Dark Elf army, and my brother has enough models to field 2250 points of Wood Elves. Both of these guys started after me and have twice the models, it's not fair! All jokes aside I am glad to see them join the hobby. Maybe I can bring them into this blog as well? Time will tell...

Next post? Army lists, painted models, battle report, gah!! So many things to do, so little time!!

The penance for changing lanes without signalling.

Today I have to complete a defensive driving course. Right now the video is blathering on in the background. Six hours to go. I wanted to start this blog ages ago always telling myself that I just didn't have the time. Well the time is now.

Take a look at my profile picture. That's me in over 60lbs. of armor, most of which is made by who knows. But the armor around my neck is mine. Around my neck is gorget made of studded leather, a labor of love. I'd estimate that the piece took me over 60 hours to make. There are 80 hand pounded copper rivets and a square yard of several types of leather that make up the gorget. The color of the exterior leather is an oxblood burgundy enhanced by the slight patina developing on the copper. The gorget was designed to keep a blade away from the throat, and to reinforce the chainmaille hauberk and padded gambeson protecting the chest. The gorget is one of my few prized possessions.

Speaking of prized possessions, though to say I posses her might offend her, my lovely girlfriend loves me, and I am a lucky man. Not too many people I know own a suit of armor, and she has joined right in. Her smile is always beautiful, but I had selfish delight at the excited smile she she wore when I showed her the matching cutlasses I bought. One day I hope to get her a beautiful dress fitting for a Lady like her, but for now a heavy bladed cutlass will have to do.

In February 2009 I started my career in the gaming industry. The road is long, but I have the love and support of my family and my girlfriend. On my new career path I've met plenty of people, and like every office there are niche groups of common interest, one of these groups happened to be a couple tabletop wargamers.

After a couple of conversations about the game of choice Warhammer Fantasy Battles (and less than a week of research) I was scrambling for deals on Ebay and more importantly trying to choose an army. I had a bit of trouble choosing betwen the Bretonnian and Empire armies, but in the end I resolved that one day I would start an Empire army some day. Bretonnians on the field! Hooked.

From Games Workshop:
The Knights of Bretonniaare renowned for their skill at arms, their bravery and chivalry. A Bretonnian army is an impressive sight; ranks of knights with fluttering pennants adorned with personal heraldry, backed up with scores of filthy, low born peasants.