Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shadestar Woes

I didn't think there was an army I would face that would make me reconsider this whole Warhammer thing. Today I played my friends "Shadestar" Dark Elf list. What a huge waste of time. I'd like to not be negative about this, but in my very limited experience this list was a game breaker.

Every turn saw 100 crossbow bolts screaming at my Knights with Armor Piercing BS4 accuracy. The first volley of 50 (there were two Shade units) created over twenty wounds, of which I saved 15ish then fluffed the Ward Saves on the rest. Fifteen armor saves and half of my Errant Knights dead. Next volley... similar results. Bottom of turn 1. That's when I thought to myself, I don't really want to play any more. I was facing an impossible enemy. Ever see the ending of The Last Samurai? No it isn't my favorite movie, but I am a sucker for all epic movies. My BSB and the Gallant of my Knights of the Realm were the last of 17 other Knights (including my Paladin General) that made it across the board. They spurred their horses and charged wild eyed and death-seeking at a group of spearmen. The spearmen fled... cowards. My brother, who happens to be hanging out this Sunday evening just gave me a golf-clap for the small narrative I just wrote.

In better news I managed make serious progress on my BSB, who in my eyes was a hero against those cowardly Dark Elves. His banner is now green, blue and gold. I'm going for a "Cult of the Green Knight" thing. After some highlighting I'll tackle his armor and then horse. I raised his mount up on some stone made of cork, which turned out rather well. One day I'll figure out how to post some pictures on this thing.

The hobby goes strong, and my friend pledged never to bring that army. I told him he could, but I'm bringing the Green Knight.

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