Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching Up

I've played the following matches since beginning Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

1. Versus Orcs and Goblins at 500 points.
2. Versus Dwarves (Slayers) at 500 points.
3. Versus Warriors of Chaos at 1000 points.
4. Versus Warriors of Chaos at 1250 points.
5. Versus Dwarves at 1250 points.
6. Versus Vampire Counts at 1250 points.
7. Versus Ogres at 1250 points.
8. Versus Ogres at 1250 points.
9. Versus Warriors of Chaos (Trolls) at 1250 points.
10. Versus Skaven 2250 points.
11. Versus High Elves at 2250 points.

For game 12 I plan to write up a full battle report. Over these past games I have learned a lot, but still find myself scrambling to look up rules, stat lines etc. The group I play with is helpful, and thankfully have a little patience with someone new to the game.

Though I have played two 2250 point games I have yet to finish a 2250 point match. Continuing playing larger games to get my turn time down to 10 minutes or so is the plan.

More have come into the fold, one of my best friends has picked up a massive Dark Elf army, and my brother has enough models to field 2250 points of Wood Elves. Both of these guys started after me and have twice the models, it's not fair! All jokes aside I am glad to see them join the hobby. Maybe I can bring them into this blog as well? Time will tell...

Next post? Army lists, painted models, battle report, gah!! So many things to do, so little time!!

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