Saturday, August 22, 2009

The penance for changing lanes without signalling.

Today I have to complete a defensive driving course. Right now the video is blathering on in the background. Six hours to go. I wanted to start this blog ages ago always telling myself that I just didn't have the time. Well the time is now.

Take a look at my profile picture. That's me in over 60lbs. of armor, most of which is made by who knows. But the armor around my neck is mine. Around my neck is gorget made of studded leather, a labor of love. I'd estimate that the piece took me over 60 hours to make. There are 80 hand pounded copper rivets and a square yard of several types of leather that make up the gorget. The color of the exterior leather is an oxblood burgundy enhanced by the slight patina developing on the copper. The gorget was designed to keep a blade away from the throat, and to reinforce the chainmaille hauberk and padded gambeson protecting the chest. The gorget is one of my few prized possessions.

Speaking of prized possessions, though to say I posses her might offend her, my lovely girlfriend loves me, and I am a lucky man. Not too many people I know own a suit of armor, and she has joined right in. Her smile is always beautiful, but I had selfish delight at the excited smile she she wore when I showed her the matching cutlasses I bought. One day I hope to get her a beautiful dress fitting for a Lady like her, but for now a heavy bladed cutlass will have to do.

In February 2009 I started my career in the gaming industry. The road is long, but I have the love and support of my family and my girlfriend. On my new career path I've met plenty of people, and like every office there are niche groups of common interest, one of these groups happened to be a couple tabletop wargamers.

After a couple of conversations about the game of choice Warhammer Fantasy Battles (and less than a week of research) I was scrambling for deals on Ebay and more importantly trying to choose an army. I had a bit of trouble choosing betwen the Bretonnian and Empire armies, but in the end I resolved that one day I would start an Empire army some day. Bretonnians on the field! Hooked.

From Games Workshop:
The Knights of Bretonniaare renowned for their skill at arms, their bravery and chivalry. A Bretonnian army is an impressive sight; ranks of knights with fluttering pennants adorned with personal heraldry, backed up with scores of filthy, low born peasants.

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