Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vampires: Assembly Line in Full Swing (Part 4)

I made some major headway this weekend on my VC commision. I assembled the Zombie Dragon, Black Knights, Black Coach, and primed/based 20 x Grave Guard, 20 x Skeletons, 20 x Ghouls, and the Black Knights.

Here are some shots of progress over th weekend:



Ghouls! (the classic Ghoul models really mix in well)

Grave Guard!

Black Knights!

Black Coach!

I'm going to make that Black Coach fly if that is the last thing I do!

I have been using Army Painter Color Primers and they have worked great.

I did notice that there seem to be at least two different types of nozzles on some of the different Army Painter Primer colors. If you have a Black Nozzle on your Army Painter Primer expect a slower less powerful spray, and if you have a White Nozzle (these look more like the GW Chaos Black nozzle) then expect some power behind the spray of your primer can. Make sure those models hold fast when you go to priming!


  1. I am a big fan of the Army Painter primers - I did all my skeletons that way and I can't imagine going back.

  2. I know you did, that's why I am using them! Necrotic Flesh looks great on those Ghouls, and the Skeletons look fantastic! Great way to get an army tabletop ready quickly!