Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vampires: Assembly Line in Full Swing (Part 3)

Alrighty, if it's new plastic it is built. Above is 20 Skeletons...

...and then 20 Grave Guard...

...and then the Corpse Cart with the Driver up front (I think he looks awesome!)

Of the new plastics I've assembled:

10x Dire Wolves
1x Corpse Cart
20x Grave Guard (Great Weapons)
20x Skeletons
10x Ghouls (not pictured

Of the old plastics skeletons I have either mounted on base or assembled (or repaired):

128x Skeletons
20+ Dire Wolves

Of the new metals I've assembled:

1x Vargulf

Of the old Metals I've mounted on base:

20x Ghouls
20x Grave Guard (Sword and Shield)

The army is growing in size and I might have to begin basing and magnetizing. Transporting options are going to have to be decided on soon as well.

So many Skeletons...

Next post is going to have the full army list.


  1. That is quite a force you are building. Do you have a colour scheme planned for them?

  2. I have ideas, but this VC army is actually a commission project for a coworker who happened to have a whole lot of VC in his closet.

    Right now the commission ends at the Assembled/Based/Primed/Magnetized stage for all models and a select few movement tray.

  3. By the way, thanks for taking a look at the blog and posting a comment Kuffeh!

  4. Ah... I see. Still, it is a nice looking army. Good work. Do you have anything else to add to the army?

    Hey, always happy to help support a fantasy blog. -__^

  5. Definitely have more to add, said and done this army gets close to 4000 points, maybe more. I'll be posting a full roster soon!