Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vampires: Pinning

Ah pinning...

Love it or hate it, pinning is a vital step in the assembly process of metal models. Over time I realized that I had developed a my own approach to pinning (mostly because I was tired of injuring myself), and I thought I might share it.

Step 1: Clean the model! Nothing fancy, just some suds and a brush.

Step 2: Line up the two pieces to pin. Usually I do this by blobbing a dot of paint where I think the hole will be drilled for the pin. Then I dry fit the pieces I am planning to pin together, the paint transfers to the other piece and now I know where to drill on both pieces.

Step 3: Prime the drilling point. Be very careful when taking this step. Again, this step is the first risk of injury. Take a push pin or something of the sort and slow push it into the spot where you intend to drill. You don't need a deep mark, just something that will allow the drill to catch.

Step 4: Get that Pin Vise out, you have plenty of drilling ahead. Or... check out step 4b.

Step 4b: After briefly using the Pin Vise, just enough to get a defined hole, pull out your Dremel Stylus. The Dremel Stylus is the hobbyists multi-tool! Look how small of a bit you can use:

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 through 4b on the other piece that you are hoping to pin.

Step 6: Drop a bit of super glue on the end of the pin and insert the pin into the hole.

Step 7: Clip the excess pin length.

Step 8: Drop a bit of super glue on the bare surface area of the pieces that you are pinning.

Step 9: Fit the pieces together, and finished!:

Well maybe you are finished. The two piece Fel Bat is as simple as it gets. Nice big surface area for priming, drilling and then gluing. Check out this Black Knight, keeping in mind that the pins in him are 1/32 of an Inch wide:

Remember to exercise caution when pinning, particularly when involving a Dremel Stylus. While burning the midnight oil don't let an injury be the signal to call it quits for the night:

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