Monday, August 9, 2010

Invaded by VAMPIRES!!!!

You might ask why there are thousands of points of unassembled Undead on my gaming table. Remember how I said I was a little bit of a "magpie" gamer...

No! They're not mine I swear. I am officially a "Hired Gun", well more of a Hired Assembler/Baser of sorts. About a month ago I discovered that a coworker of mine had a Vampire Counts army that had been sitting in a closet for ages. We started talking Warhammer 8th and he came over to watch a game.

Today he approached me and asked if I would be interested in assembling his models for a fee. He had seen the work I had done with my Empire and Bretonnian armies and confessed that he wasn't really into the whole hobby side of Warhammer, but really wanted to play the game.

Getting paid to hobby? Of course! Honestly I am humbled that he would place his army in my hands to assemble and paint.

I'll see if I can't post pics as the project moves along. He doesn't have a deadline, but I would like to get models on the table soon. Let's see how quickly I can assemble and base almost 3000 points of Vampire Counts. Once I sort through his models I'm going to post the list here.

Admittedly this will take away from my own hobbying, but extra cash equals extra models which equals extra hobbying. Right? Right?!

Don't look at me like that!

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