Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Job? Trip to Seattle? A Battle Bunker?

Those topics and more in the next post! Working 6PM to 3AM is no way to live, I think the schedule might have adverse effects on my subconscious. Maybe I won't have to deal with that soon. Here is hoping.

Maybe I'll even rejoin the gaming world... I love a good mystery.

As for Seattle, I went to a real Games Workshop Battlebunker. Where is Austin's Battlebunker? Ok sure it would/might squash the local game stores and yes that would be sad but wow did I appreciate a fresh smelling store complete with a friendly corporate smile. Oh and Holy bajeezus toledo! What terrain! Full sized 1/28th scale Helm's Deep? Awesome! Fortress of Redemption? Sweet! A 6'x4' map of Middle Earth made from the Might Empires/Planetary Empires set? Awesome! Too many tables and a pseudo-medieval decor?! Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

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