Monday, March 29, 2010

Photos - New Lord: Jean d'Artois!

Since I started collecting Bretonnians I've wanted my army to be led by a lord based on Joan of Arc character. GW has a model named Repanse de Lyonesse that I was looking at for awhile, but to be brutally honest I don't care for the model.

As luck would have it, last Saturday I found myself browsing through one of my local gamestore's collection of miniatures on 50% off clearance and what do I find? Lady Jehanne, a Crusader Warlord from the Reaper Minis Warlord range.

After a couple of easy conversions....

And then a little bit of paint

I have my newest lord, Jean D'Artois! I still have some freehand to do on the shield and some details to add, but I am very happy with the model, the conversions and the color scheme.

I'll be writing up a little fluff for her shortly. For now he's her wargear:

Jean d'Artois
-Grail Vow
-Gilded Cuirass (Heavy Armor, grants Regeneration)
-Lance of Artois (Killing Blow on the Charge)
-Mantle of Elena (Immune to Poison/Killing Blow)
-Virtue of Confidence (Reroll all Hits/Wounds in challenges)
-Bretonnian Warhorse