Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lose, Win, Draw! - 2010 Cap City Carnage Funraiser Event

Current Record
W: 1 L: 1 D: 1

My results from the 2010 Capital City Carnage Fundraiser racked up one win, one loss and one draw. Overall I'm happy with my performance in the tournament. I played the following armies:

Loss against the Warriors of Chaos

My opponent's list revolved around a solid block of Chosen Chaos Warriors, a couple of units of fast cav, a unit of marauders, a giant and a unit of Chaos Knights. Some highlights and lessons learned:
First, always get the charge not getting the charge with my superior Bretonnian Warhorses is unacceptable. My lance of Grail Knights was shy just over 1/4" which cost the charge on the Chaos Knights sending a unit of Knights Errant in by themselves
Second never charge Chosen Warriors... ever (probably) but especially not those with a 3+ Ward Save, just take your time, don't get march blocked, and work the rest of the units.
Third Mark of Slanesh Giants get to attack first even if charged and remember that they can jump up and down up to 12 times. Even if you save seven you're still taking five wounds.
Fourth Remember your tournament special rules!!! Use those rules and keep the points needed to be kept!

Win against Ogre Kingdoms

I had the benefit of playing my opponent's list earlier, though really my win here came from two things Bretonnians do best, pass saves (both ward and armor) and capitalizing on a unit that flees from combat by running it down. Some highlights and lessons:
First: Brets should never be charged by Ogres, ever. 9/10 games against Ogres will end with Bretonnian victory against Ogres as long as the Brets get the charge!
Second: Try to force the Ogre Heroes and Lords into a more favorable challenge, too many Grail Knights were lost in 1v1 Combat.
Third: Don't be fooled by low strength no armor save magic, Humans are only toughness 3, strength 2 still wounds on fours. 2d6 wounding on fives is nasty with no armor saves is nasty against a lance of six knights.

Draw against Orcs and Goblins

How do you avoid the Bait and Flee tactic? Don't charge... just don't do it, show some restraint. Discretion is the better part of valor!
First: Bet against Bolt Throwers... especially those crewed by Goblins... always.
Second: Ignore fast cav with bows, they're nowhere near as nasty as Dark Riders. Let them shoot at you all day long, and wait for the right opportunity.
Third: Watch your overrun/pursuit lanes! A Giant charged the flank of the Grail Knights, it's a big flank! Don't leave it exposed.
Fourth: A good move against Fast Cav (for Brets, and maybe not Darkriders) is to move into their face on the first turn, then charge the second. Simple deployment calculation makes this a great tactic! From the 12" line cav moves 16" leaving 20" of space on the board. If the Fast Cav move behind you, move up the lines and around cover if possible (beware the rear charge), if they run from you then move up and keep them and another target in LOS. That way if they rally you might have a chance to charge them while continuing to be a threat to another new target.
Fifth: Play for a draw. Brets have the charge range to dictate combat. The only time I failed my charge was when I risked it a win in turn 2 is the same as a win in turn 6.


  1. "Humans are only toughness 3, strength 2 still wounds on fours. 2d6 wounding on fours is nasty."

    S2 wounds T3 on 5 but the principle is the same. Generally not good to let a magic missile that doesn't allow Armor Saves through if you can help it.

    You can't count on not getting charged by M6 but you should work to avoid it. If I have to sacrifice a unit of Bulls or Leadies to get your ItP grail vow heroes/troops into charge range I will do it every time.

    It was a fun game though! I only wish I could have played the whole thing out without that bad break because I think it would have been more fun/closer.

  2. Thanks for taking a look at my posts. I've learned a lot from the tourney and writing my thoughts in this blog.

    I'd liked to have seen the game go past the break, but like I wrote above part of the strength of Bretonnia is capitalizing on the unfortunate leadership test. My tactical focus in every game is to encourage the leadership test.

    What I really haven't grasped is mastering the challenge. I'm not sure who can accept and who can't when and where. Also I'm not certain how models are displaced after the challenge is accepted whether or not they are in base to base contact or not.