Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Sigmar!!

Christmas brought me many gifts! One of those was an Empire Brigade box! On top of that my good friend Coldone picked me up a pack of Grail Knights which I have already primed and assembled! I'm now the proud owner of the following models:

The Empire
1x Empire General
2x Empire Captains
1x Warrior Priest
2x Great Cannons
1x Mortar
40x Swordsmen
15x Crossbowmen
5x Handgunners
8x Knights
5x Pistoliers

1x Bretonnian Lord
1x Bretonnian BSB
1x Green Knight
5x Grail Knights
6x Knights of the Realm
24x Knights Errant
1x Field Trebuchet
30x Men at Arms
24x Peasant Bowmen
5x Pegasus Knights

So much work to do! So much to assemble, prime and paint. For Sigmar! For the Lady! etc. etc.

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