Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving: LOTR Strategy Battle Game.

So my hobby time has come to almost a complete stop. I'm waiting to move into our new house. However I am staying with a buddy of mine who picked up the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game hobby a couple of months ago. He and his wife are huge fans of Tolkien, and it didn't take me long to grab 500 points of Isengard units. Guess I'll have to add another army list...

...did I mention I have a Malifaux gang, and may or may not be interested in Uncharted Seas a little. Not to mention Blood Bowl?

What am I doing?!?


  1. What are you doing? I'd say being a true gamer. -__^ They never stick with one system/project but love the spread the love around. =P

    I have seen and enjoyed the rules to LOTRs a bit, never gotten any minis though. And I look forward to seeing Blood Bowl stuff by you - what teams you looking at?

    Ahh.. Uncharted Seas. I played that once when it was still in the Beta testing (by that, I mean before it was released). It was quite fun, I did enjoy playing as the orcs.

  2. So a couple of my buddies and I picked up the Blood Bowl computer game during the last Steam sale. The game computer game is average, but between the theme and listening to World's End Radio I started thinking about Orcs.

    I've always liked the greenskins and Bloodbowl should give me a (relatively) low budget excuse to pick up a couple!

  3. The computer game is OK, though I have only played it on the X-box (my laptop won't run it). I have played FUMBBL as well, its a java based version - they're in the middle of upgrading to LRB6.

    I have always been orcs myself. They are quite easy to learn, they are OK at most things. Although they are a very bashy team - likes a good ol' fight.

    I will at some point be converting my team from normal orc parts. I look forward to seeing more stuff from you. :D