Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NumberNine - Theoden's Royal Guard

So while I stick with the evil guys for LotR, my wife represents the free peoples with her Rohan army. We recently finished painting up some Rohan Royal Guard, which round out her nice little band of Theoden and his most trusted defenders. Above, Theoden is shown on horse, and on foot we have the three Rohan Royal Guard with their captain, Hama. The Royal Guard are a bit tougher than normal Rohan Warriors, and they have a cool "Bodyguard" rule where they always pass courage tests if their leader (your choice) is still alive.

A funny thing about the Rohan army, is that all your heroes inevitably need both mounted and unmounted copies. Cool, but time consuming.

We really like these mini's though, with Theoden decked out in his Pelennor Fields armor. The armored horse (Snowmane) looks pretty slick as well.

The rules for these two heroes reflect the films well. Theoden has a lot of Defense, but fitting to the story he also is very susceptible to magic, as he has zero points of Will.

Hama has the "Bodyguard" rule, but unlike the Royal Guard, you don't choose his leader - it's always Theoden, since Hama is the king's doorward and main defendant. Also, because of how he ends up in the second LotR book, he has zero points of Fate. So, poor Hama will do anything to defend his King, but cannot avoid a wound if he's hit.

Theoden and Hama lead a group of Rohirrim as they charge into battle!

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  1. Nice dude! These look great. Looking forward to smashing them to bits with my Uruks. :P