Thursday, October 21, 2010

40K: Killzone

I was listening to the Imperial Vox Cast last week, and caught a section about a fan made rule set for 40K Skirmish style games called Killzone. The more I listened to the interview, the more Jim (the designer, err.. adapter w/e keeps him from the IPuillotine) had me interested.

Essentially Jim has combined the old Kill Team, with the new Kill Team, but stopping there does a disservice to his work. When I downloaded the PDFs I was surprised to find an entire Errata for each 40K Army along with two full scenarios, each comprised of 6 missions!

I'm theme-ing out a Gaunt's Ghosts SOG (that's Special Operations Group), and getting it ready for some play testing this Saturday.

Check out the rules on Jim's blog Galaxy in Flames.

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